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Hi! Welcome to TBS Marketing's Monday+Manychat Integration Instructions for Conversation's Conference Attendees 🎉

Here you will learn step by step how to create a Monday Workspace linked to your incoming leads on Manychat, perfect for companies that like to keep track of the super important and amazingly vital bot to human handoff. With this Workspace, you will be able to see which sales agent is assigned to each user in real time, and keep track of how many of those leads each agent is converting into customers.

🎁So let's get started!

1. You will need a Manychat Pro Account, a Monday Pro Account and a Zapier Account to get started.

Manychat starts at $10, Monday at $8 per user per month (3 users min), and Zapier doesn't require a Pro Account if your incoming data is below 100 leads per month.

2. Now for the most important step: Assign Sales Agent Rule

You want to create a flow structure like this one before anything else! This flow

  1. Marks the conversation as open

  2. Checks if the Custom User Field Sales Agent has any value

  3. If yes, in this case, we only have two sales agents, so it checks which one was assigned before adding the tag with the Sales Agent Name. The tag is vital.

  4. If no, there is a randomizer in place with a 50/50 distribution to assign each Sales Agent the same amount of leads, and also adds the tag with their respective name. The next step you can´t see is nothing more than a general tag called LEAD, it really does nothing else than satisfy my Tag OCD.

This flow must be attached to a rule, every time a new subscriber comes in, start this flow, perform this action any number of times.

3. Now, let's create a Monday Workspace

It is really important for you to get acquainted with Monday and the possible columns, as this column fits MY client's needs, but maybe not yours. My Monday Workspace contains the following columns:

  • Item (default): client name

  • Status: for Sales Agent to let us know if he has talked to the person

  • Phone: Hidden for privacy reasons, to show phone number if provided

  • Date/Status Combo: for Sales Agent to let us know if he has called or whatsapped the client who provided the number

  • Status: for knowing if lead scheduled or not the service

  • Status: for billing to let us know if a bill has been made

  • Date: to know the date of entry of the lead

  • Number: to know how much was billed

  • Email: for the client's email

  • Status: to know where the lead came from

And now, for the rest of the instructions, please watch this video are they are kinda tricky!

And here is your link for the formatting: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014205860-Zapier-JSON-Formatting-Examples

Happy integrating! And never doubt to contact me on Instagram DM

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